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PS4 - Firmware Update 1.70 - New Features and Updates detailed

Apr 30 2014 04:01 PM in Sony, by ogbrandon
The PlayStation 4 Firmware Update 1.70 is out now! This is Sony's biggest firmware release since the console's launch last November! We have compiled a list of new features and updates coming with this new version. more...


MGSV: GROUND ZEROES - XOF Patches Location List

Mar 22 2014 12:52 PM in Metal Gear, by ogbrandon
There are 9 X.O.F. Patches (X.O.F. Unit Patches) to find in the main Ground Zeroes mission. Collect them all in one playthrough in order to unlock the console-specific Extra Ops: Deja Vu for PlayStation users, and Jamais Vu on Xbox. We will show you where these are hidden! more...


KILLZONE: Shadow Fall - FREE Multiplayer week!

Mar 01 2014 11:58 AM in Sony, by ogbrandon
To celebrate the imminent release of the first Free Map DLC on March 4th, the acclaimed KILLZONE SHADOW FALL multiplayer will be available for FREE to all Playstation® 4 players for a week, starting 3rd of March 5PM PST. Best of all, you will not require PS PLUS to play the Free Access client this week! more...


MGS V: GROUND ZEROES - NextGen vs. CurrentGen Comparison Video

Feb 19 2014 08:51 PM in Metal Gear, by ogbrandon
Thinking about buying a next-gen gaming console but you are still unsure? You might want to check out this comparison of current and nextgen performance in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes by KONAMI. more...


MGO2 Private Server is working and playable! - Metal Gear Online 2 has been saved?

Dec 21 2013 09:12 AM in Metal Gear, by ogbrandon
Yes, this is no april fools joke. Wtfareyouthinking, droogie and GhzGangster have done some amazing success in emulating their MGO2 private server. It's is basically up and running for beta testers, have a look! more...


Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance PC version coming January 9 for $29,99

Dec 19 2013 12:12 PM in Metal Gear, by ogbrandon
The word is finally out: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will launch January 9 on PC. Amazon is now taking pre-orders for this brand new version of the game, selling the game for $29.99. more...


The Phantom Pain will Release when "there are many PS4 owners", Kojima reveals

Nov 30 2013 12:11 PM in Metal Gear, by ogbrandon
We know that Ground Zeroes will release in Spring 2014, but what about The Phantom Pain? Hideo Kojima recently gave some hints on the release of TPP in an interview with Famitsu, a japanese video game magizine, saying the game will be released when many people own a Playstation 4. more...


Metal Gear Solid V - Available for Preorder, Official Website Live, Detailed Game Information

Nov 15 2013 03:50 PM in Metal Gear, by ogbrandon
The official website for Metal Gear Solid V has gone live featuring official preorder links, new background information about the game and some new images. more...


Official Playstation 4 unboxing

Nov 11 2013 02:38 PM in Sony, by ogbrandon
Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment is showing us a Playstation 4 unboxing video. Find out what's inside the box. more...


MGS: Ground Zeroes - Release Date revealed: Spring 2014 [UPDATE: March 18!]

Nov 04 2013 02:50 PM in Metal Gear, by Padraig
Finally, Konami have come out with some release information for GZ, and as previously predicted, it will be sold as a separate entity to act as the prologue to The Phantom Pain! more...


Android 4.4 "KitKat" and the Nexus 5 released!

Nov 01 2013 09:59 AM in Technology, by ogbrandon
Google is pushing out their new Android Version 4.4 "KitKat" and also their new device: the Nexus 5, which will ship with this new version of Android. What can we expect from the new version and which features does the Nexus 5 bring? more...


Details: Replacing the Playstation 4 HDD

Oct 18 2013 02:24 PM in Sony, by ogbrandon
Are you one of the people, who upgrade the harddrive of their favorite consoles in order to get more space? This article shows you a sneak peek of how to swap the HDD of the PlayStation 4! more...


Xbox One "Friends-App" explained

Oct 14 2013 05:10 PM in Microsoft, by ogbrandon
Microsoft released a new video demonstrating and explaining their new "Friends App" for the Xbox One. Can you spot the hidden surprise? more...


15 Minutes of Assassin's Creed 4 Gameplay on the PlayStation 4

Oct 07 2013 08:02 PM in Gaming, by ogbrandon
Enjoy 15 minutes of brand new footage of the upcoming Assassin's Creed title: Black Flag by Ubisoft. Are you excited for this release? more...


GTA Online launches - Unplayable because of server problems

Oct 01 2013 08:44 PM in Gaming, by ogbrandon
It is October 1st - you know what that means: GTA Online is here! Well, not quite. Many gamers already predicted it: The servers are extremely overloaded, making it impossible to play on day 1. more...