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  1. Had to buy both buddy Theres both pros and cons in each console 
  2. Its amazing on both ps4 and xbox one
  3. Modded Gear Online

    Havent releases the offsets yet, problem is some of them change every game so...
  4. Modded Gear Online

    Yeah I have super speed now man, also have Cqc 255 mono 255 blades 255 run 255 haha I go across the map in seconds
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jx-ua7HBopo
  6. MGS4 BLUS

    Can someone upload the game?  
  7. oGbrandon

    Get me upto speed mate, justin wanted me to help with beta testinng and stuff a few months back but i didnt have a jailbroke ps3 at the time, i recently bought one again so let me know how to get mgo set up again, thanks
  8. Hello Motherfuckers :)

  9. Niggas you h8d on mgo

    true i did hahaha
  10. Niggas you h8d on mgo

    i didnt hate anyone tbh,
  11. cough sup buddy cough
  12. Mgo hurry please k thanks

    thanks bro, oh you mean my mgo body was in spawn the hole time when i was killin people for sure bro for sure