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  1. Attention everybody ):

    kk, ill give you bj just name time & place. you gotta perma ban me 1st though
  2. Attention everybody ):

    well tell me how to delete and ill be on my way, no need to be rude about it (LMFAO i know what i did there)
  3. Attention everybody ):

    i dont know how to delete my account so im trying to get the mods mad enough to do it for me, and i WONT troll here if you just delete my account. why would you slap me?? }:
  4. Attention everybody ):

    i cant necessarily do all those but the top is easy. everyone who posted here (except emokitty because shes my friend) post useless shit that no one fuckin cares about AND are always riding that dude named lipex or something, IVE INSULTED YOUR RETARDED POSTING CYANIDE SO IF YOU DONT DELETE ME THEN OBVIOUSLY I HAVE CONTROL OVER YOU
  5. Attention everybody ):

    *breaks the rules* delete me OR your a pussy bitch & i have you on a leash
  6. Attention everybody ):

    delete my account then dummy (:
  7. Attention everybody ):

    .......LOLWUUUT? i dont play mgo
  8. Attention everybody ):

    i say go fuck yourself & get yourself pregnant then eat the abortion. (do i hear the mods getting mad??)
  9. Attention everybody ):

    yeah bs ss, you probably just want online attention.
  10. Attention everybody ):

    u_u hmmm better luck next time
  11. Attention everybody ):

    did,,,,,,,,,,, did you even try??,,,,
  12. Attention everybody ):

    lololz atnfox took the word right out of my mouth, those sunglasses make you look like a gayer version of the situation from jersey shore. (TROLL FACE), and im not trying to get deleted, im just wondering why mods put up with my shit like calling em pussys, ASKING to get deleted, making useless threads etc. but i dont actually hate you losers, i love everybody here. (: (HEART) IRLOL
  13. Attention everybody ):

    seriously??? how is my fuckin account not deleted yet?? i made a thread that JUST says "i have aids"......... moderators are pussyyyyyyyyyys
  14. Attention everybody ):

    i have aids! lolololololololololololololololol
  15. It's A Man's World. This Song Is SO TRUE.

    DAMNIT I SAID YOU ARE MY SON!! *in black father sounding voice*