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  1. Is this place dead?

    I check once every now and then for a topic like this. Btw save mgo2 is pretty much done.
  2. Is this place dead?

    yep. pretty sure nobody, including brandon, is here.
  3. Well Sheeit, can't believe I missed this. There hasn't been any content I've felt motivated to even read for the past long ass time, and the forums are being left with quite a bit of spam (at least the off topic section), so I guess this means its dead as far as I am concerned. Ill still drop by from time to time just incase something catches my interest though, seeing as this was the first forum community I ever seriously felt a part of
  4. It's sad to see what the site has become :'(

  5. I still dont know what youre talking about. thats exactly what I did. The only difference is instead of installing all these wads from you for the emulators after letterbomb, priiloader, and the hackmii/bootmii thing i just downloaded the homebrew browser (different from the homebrew channel) and installed the emulators from there without having to transfer via sd card. After that, all I had to do was download the roms to a usb.    Homebrew Browser WAD:  
  6. What do you mean? I have a jailbroken wii, did it myself. You need nothing other than the emulator and the rom for emulators and for wii games you merely need to convert your usb stick formatting and the iso to wbfs and youre good to go. The only thing that I never got around to setting up that seemed more difficult was gamecube games.
  7. I mean this guide is good for the JB, but what do you mean the right files for the games? All you need is the .iso, a program for wbfs, and a usb stick. If youre talking about emulators, all you need is the homebrew channel (comes with JB) and the homebrew browser ( to find info) in addition to the JB to get the emulators and to just google for the ROMs and throw them on the usb. SNES and N64 emulators are in the homebrew browser for direct download.
  8. Or you can just download the .iso from a torrent website like or a ddl site like     I personally would go for the torrents since they're large files.
  9. Working out?

    Once work study gets going money for a diet won't be a problem (looking around 100 a month) but getting into town might. I know all about that soreness phase and have gotten through it a handful of times. If I did like military presses, that one machine where the bar is above you attached to a cord and you have to pull it down (not sure if my gym has one of these, but I think it does), squats, dead lifts, and some dumbbell things that I don't know the names to would that be enough to get all the muscles through the sore phase? Dead lifts and squats are the only free weight exercises I can remember for back and legs respectively though I think they go both push and pull on those muscles and I could double up on them. My gym also doesn't have many machines. Ill make a list of all the shit they have next time I go and post it.   Assuming those lifts are adequate ill reply to this thread in about 4 days when I get through the soreness (I have to write papers today :/)   Also, I've been told by some friends who lift that my legs are so big that I could lift and skip leg day until I lost all my weight and not look like I skipped leg day.I know that I'm definitely not going to be doing that, but if you know anything that might be better in lieu of some leg lifts I would be open to that, I could also just do legs anyway, idgaf, whatever is most effective.
  10. Working out?

    Its a small college, so the gym doesn't really have anyone who can help me out with this. My goal is to lose fat ultimately, but I would rather do it over time through strength training. Its not so much that I want my muscles to be big (though I do with time), as it is that I want to be strong as fuck. Has nothing to do with sports anymore.   Its close as fuck, so I could theoretically go 7 days a week and am willing to. As for diet I am broke for the most part and live off a meal plan, but the college has a really good salad bar with kale almost always in stock. Im perfectly fine with my meals tasting like shit if it helps, most of the meal plan food sucks anyway. When cash gets rolling a bit more I would definitely be interested in looking into supplements and pricier diets though.   Whatever y'all think would be best for my goals while still remaining possible with my practically non-existant budget atm I'd be willling to do. Also I can't do push ups cause my arms are weak af in comparison to the rest of my body and Im fat.
  11. Working out?

    I've wanted to start working out for awhile now, but I just don't know how. I've learned how to properly lift from my time in football, so that's not the issue. My problem is that I don't know what lifts to do on what days, or how to do many different lifts.   There is a website that builds a workout schedule for you, but there are so many names of lifts that I don't know and couldn't find out by googling for whatever reason. I work at my college's gym, which is about a 5 min walk away from where I live, so going to the gym isn't an issue.     If someone could help me out with this, that would be great. I want to start lifting as soon as possible.
  12. College is swell. Attending St. John's College in Santa Fe.

  13. Heading out to college tomorrow!

  14. Yo dude whats justin up to these days? I checked out saveMGO and it seems there hasnt been a new post in a couple months. I don't have an account there and registration is closed so I couldn't check his profile for more info.

    1. ogbrandon

      Just living life, I guess
  15. When did you become a super mod? You obv deserve it i just dont remember lol.

    1. Retox

      Ages ago lol