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  1. i need ur help please i had an account for 3 years and i cant sign in for anything PLEASE HELP @ogbrandon  my display name is zufly its not letting me sign in my email is [email protected] sent u messages to u and admin and no one responded :(


  2. Hello was wondering if you are going to make a hack for Tapped Out  4.20.1 version yours are so much easier to use and less confusing to download. thanks K

  3. An uplates coming for the Simpsons taped out?

  4. the next update for simpsons tapped out??? 

  5. I really miss the simplicity of your TSTO mod.

    1. melicrape

      Me  2 , I realy hope you launch a new one soon 

  6. Is there a hack or mod for minions paradise would love to have it

  7. When is the new hack coming out?

  8. Thank you for everything and good luck!

  9. Hey OGB! If you really are giving up creating these mods I just wanted to say thanks! I didn't say that enough over the past couple of years.I looked for a long time before I stumbled across this site and your mods. Never had a problem. Never understood why some people seemed to have problems. I always cut-and-pasted the password and never had a problem.  If this is the end I wish you luck in everything you want!  You will be missed!


    Good luck and Godspeed my friend I've never met!

  10. #New version added. Called "Premium Version", as it includes much more features. Merged from another mod user daniele119 introduced. Thank you!   Enjoy your free shopping, enjoy your money mods, enjoy your PERMANENT DONUTS!!!     Use Burns Surprise - always get 99 perm. donuts.     My final gift to you, guys.
  11. ciao... nel gioco the simpson non ci sono le ciambelle :( come mai?

    1. Rocco75

      help!! please... :(

  12. Brandon-

    I just want to thank you so much for all the work you gave put in to the tapped out mods over the years. Ever since 2013 I have been using them and I can't thank you enough for all the fun I've had with the mods. If this is the end of tapped out mods (I really hope not) my thanks toward a great run of mods which I'm sure everyone enjoyed. Here's to the unspoken legend of tapped out, ogbrandon


    Many thanks,

    abdude2000 aka Abhinav

  13. The new mod is glitched - it will not restore the donuts - no matter how it's done.

    1. Ericalvarez32181

      do u think the person in charge will be able to give us any little mod

    2. acidburn1975

      mod does`t work. also the other options he told doesnt take effect


  14. Hi guys,   I don't know how to find the right words. So let me just try it like this:   UFG is and has always been my baby - a journey we started together - a home for everyone and anyone. But every journey has to come to an end, and that end is right now for me. When we started these forums together, it was a place for Metal Gear Online glitching, a game most of you new users never actually played :-) Over the years the forum evolved, and so did we as people. Back in the days it was all fun and games, me and Justin - (I hope some of you still remember him - there wouldn't be a UFG without him. And I owe him ALOT! More than I can ever give back in my whole life.) - We created this community for our buddies and teammates, we would team up for the upcoming tournaments, share glitches, have lots of fun and laugh "our asses off" frequently. But enough of the nostalgia.   What is UFG now? UFG is THE place for game modding and hacking on mobile devices - that part of our forums was once so tiny and it grew to an insane size. A size I personally cannot manage anymore. I hope I did my part and contributed enough to allow you guys and your families to enjoy your gaming experience without crazy ingame purchases and just have fun playing your games without limits. I did my best to be there for you when you needed a new update or mod. However I felt like the mobile modding scene was never my real home. My heart wants me to focus on other, new projects. Many things in my life have changed since we launched this project - and UFG played a big role in some developments. I would go as far as saying UFG brought me where I am right now in life. I am currently working for a successful german e-commerce company and also just kickstarted a new private project with a friend (which is still in early stages) and I have a few other projects lined up such as my PlayStation VR Blog. And I recently moved into a new house with my girl, so naturally, there are some big changes for me. These are the reasons why I made the decision to step down as admin at this point and hand the torch over to people who can take UFG to the next level and give it the attention it deserves, because I just cannot do that anymore. I feel like this community deserves better, it deserve more support, more attention and more work. There will be a new admin, his name is Nikolay. He and his team will do their best to keep this community awesome and keep UFG as awesome as it is.  If you want to reach me, hit me up on twitter, link is in my signature. On another note, I will continue to be a UnforgivenGamer and check in occasionally. Don't you forget about me.   Our moderators Cook and Retox already agreed to keep their spot as moderators - don't worry, the forums will still be cleaned. I hope you guys understood my decision and are not too sad to see me step down from my position. I ♥ you guys! You rock! I owe you so much!      -- Branny AKA. ogbrandon