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  1. Why you should donate

    everytime i try to donate i get this, Does this mean im not allowed to be a premium member
  2. i know but i dont have a paypal acct just waiting on getting my money wed to donate as was vip before but it let you do a one time payment for the VIP so im needing to make one myself but i only have a post oiffice acct does only let take money out no standing orders or anything. Thank you so much tho i also seen a way through bluestracks by OldBoy  thats a mod for a lot of games but not sure its working or not, thats on mobilemodz.de thank you for the heads up.
  3. [IOS/ANDROID] Family Guy Clams & Coins *CLOSED*

     thank you so so so much you rock
  4. no i just wanted to look for a family guy mod, i am willing to donate anyway it was just that it said no longer taking donations? i am a great beleiver in the work you do for us little people OldBoy. Thanks again. im a helper on a family guy site and am looking for the mod, But im not willing to give it out if i find one. Only to help as i love to help people. I have plenty of coins and clams its the charachters i dont have that im looking for. Once again thank you.
  5. does this work as a mod on Family guy, i have bluestacks, willi uninstall, what version of yours do i download out of the versions i have vista still. any help at all. Thank you im willing to donate for a family guy mod, but i tried to donate and it said no longer taking donations.
  6. [IOS/ANDROID] Family Guy Clams & Coins *CLOSED*

     thank you so so so much you rock
  7. [IOS/ANDROID] Family Guy Clams & Coins *CLOSED*

    may i get clams please
  8. may i have clams please
  9. You are the best CoolHomer keep up the amazing things you do for us little people.  . we all adore you.