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  1. After installing the second mode only the download and error and so on the circular, correct please
  2. apk v1 is installed perfectly apk v2 and alternate v2 impossible to establish connection
  3. Hola, The Simpsons Springfield se ha actualizado a la versión 4.32.6. ¿ Cuándo se hace el hack? Some news about the new hack Some news about the new hack
  4. Hola, The Simpsons Springfield se a actualizado a la version 4.32.6 Por favor para cuando estará el hack
  5. I have tried innumerable times and it always happens the same I erase cache, I erase data, I return to realize the installation and always it is igualmod 1 installs of normal form and when finishing the game, mod 2 I install it and the same error always comes out "I do not know You can connect to the server, we're sorry, maybe if you give it a try again ... " Always the same two days ago. Can someone please tell me if the mod is still working?
  6. impossible to install v2 after all the day trying is impossible what solution is there?