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  1. VIP question:   After reaching the daily synchronization limit for donuts, is the golden scratcher the fastest way to earn donuts?  
  2.   Translated from German: Is there no way to get free land tokens?    Solution (English):  Look in the "New!" section of the store.  It has a star icon.  The Valentine's Roses job on Cletus's Farm also awards 5 land tokens.   Translated: Schau in das "Neu!" Abschnitt des Ladens. Es hat ein Sternsymbol. Der Valentinsrosen-Job auf Cletus's Farm vergibt auch 5 Landmarker.
  3. I discovered Cletus's Farm has a Plant a crop job called Valentine's Roses which rewards five Free Land Tokens. This has me wondering if there are others.   What other building modifications are included in this mod?
  4. The issue remains. I think it might even be the same file as yesterday.   I uninstalled previous version I downloaded new version (2 hours ago) I installed V1 I logged into TSTO and downloaded all updates I installed V2 The loading screen donut spins for two minutes.  There is no white download text. The Bart error screen shows up: "Cannot Connect to Server, Sorry about that. Maybe if you hit retry..."