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  1. Fagbox 360 games

    Anyone know of any good multiplayer games for the fagbox360? My girlfriend has one and I'm looking for some decent games that we can play together. I picked up payday 2 safecracker edition thinking that it had local multiplayer on it because I remember playing that game with other people online via ps3 but came to find out that it isn't. I also picked up midnight club LA thinking that it might have some kind of split screen and yet again, disappointed with multiplayer only online.   Just looking for something where you can play with real people sitting next to you instead of people online only. Strange concept I know, it used to be around before ps3 and fagbox360, but there's got to be something out there that lets you interact with people in real life.    Something other than call of duty.  And halo. I already know about 4 player local split screen for those. She sucks at call of duty and I smear her to the point it's unenjoyable for her.
  2. That's retarded. And nah I'm good. No internet here at the house anyways. Have to share WiFi from my girlfriends tablet to mine just to use my tablet online and to make it worse, we're out in the boonies of Ohio where her tablet only gets 2g service and 4g when we're in town. I didn't even go black Friday shopping because I've been saving my money for an engine swap on my car. The most recent game I've even bought was saints row 5 I think it is? Maybe 4? Idk the one with the aliens. Anyways that is the only game I've been playing and I've been stretching the gameplay out as long as I can just because I'm tired of beating a game in a day or 2 and then not having anything to play after. 
  3. I took like one second to think about this.... Literally... And my thoughts about you always complaining that the party system keeps splitting up might be a way to keep organized glitching down and just single people out that do it.    Just a thought.
  4. Deathloop

    I'm the one that found it in mgo2 to begin with. Along with more than half the glitches in mgo2 that everyone used. The fuck are you talking about I would have to figure it out? It would take me less than a day to figure it out. 
  5. Not a fan of KH. My girlfriend is. Watched her play it on ps2 a few times. Just not my thing. I used to own fallout and beat it. I remember farcry back on ps2. I've played it a couple times on ps3 but it's really more of an online game. Infamous was a fun game but has 0 replay value. I used to own both of those as well.  
  6. What game would you suggest playing? I was thinking of renting one from the family video store one day just because I'm bored with the last of us and just about any offline game on the ps3 that the roomies have.... I would play games online, if I could but since there's no internet access where I'm at and I'm only using my girlfriends tablet to share WiFi to mine over a 2g signal because I'm in the middle of the fucking bum fuck nowhere farmsville Ohio, I'm stuck playing games offline. So far I've beaten the entire AC series, TLOF, LOTR war in the north and a couple others... I've come to the conclusion that ps3 games don't have any offline replay value at all. Online is where it's at with a ps3...   So before you make online games a suggestion, remember... I haz n0 int3rw3bz.... And game rentals are for 5$ for 5 days... I can beat a game in a few hours. So it needs some kind of replay value. Otherwise I'll take my 5$ and just go buy a pack of smokes.
  7. MGO 3 Review

    I'm laughing so hard right now ahahahaahaha. 
  8. Who Here Actually Plays?

    After what I've read, I'm glad that I didn't even bother wasting the money. Mgo 3 sounds like a giant fucking joke. Konami 1 upped me this time. They killed mgo 3 before me or anyone else could get their hands on it.
  9. MGO3 Packet Injection [PS3]

    Go for it. I brought up the idea because before the new mgs was released, we were all assuming that is was going to be an updated version of mgo2. Not the garbage I've been reading about now. Shit is a joke.
  10. Deathloop

    Lol. 5 maps and 3 game modes? What a waste of time and money. I'm actually glad that I bought a car instead of a ps4 and the new mgs. If I didn't buy my car, I would have no problems posting how it's done.
  11. Each successive mgo gets worse.... Not that there's many of them but the mgs series has become "westernized" since mgs gop came out. Before that was the mgs se and the follow up with the original mgo that started it all to begin with. The graphics were kinda shit but for what it was, it was the most fun and original online game I've ever played on a PlayStation before. So to say that any mgo beyond the fist one is just trying to "appeal to a broader audience" or to "appeal to casuals" is redundant. That's the whole point. It has been since mgs4 was released because it didn't really appeal to very many people when it was formerly known just as metal gear online for the PlayStation 2 console. As far as a business aspect, "catering to casuals" is the way to go. You can get a handful of dedicated fans to continue to buy the game but the real money comes from the "casuals" and there are more of them then dedicated fans. So of course they want it to appeal to "casuals" they have been since mgs4 and mgo2. A lot of you kids came across mgo2 being a "casual" so quit with the pedestal speach and use of the word "casual" because face it, you weren't around since the start and probably only just old enough to have gotten into mgs games when it became mainstream on the ps3.
  12. Packet injecting

    I know that people were doing it before that. I can't remember who it was that told me but they told me they figured it out by watching that YouTube video that redfire made of me, repeatedly, for months. If you watch the video enough, it wasn't hard to figure out how it was done. It wasn't a hard glitch to perform to begin with. Especially when regular people were starting to do it without any kind of lag switch. It was just a bug in the game that's always been there. I just happen to come across it on accident in a CT room the night before survival started. I can even still explain how I found it to begin with. It was in a CT on GG and I was chilling on the west side roof of the map. I seen someone who I thought went prone and trying to crawl under the ac unit thing in the upper left side of the map, just by the wall. I froze him and pointed my gun at him and it said he was already dead. Right before I took my aim off him his life went back up but his body was still there and I was still lagged. So I figured what the hell. No one is messing with me anyways and I'm still lagged so I shot him in the head and I heard the "ting" sound. I was like wtf? So I unlagged and his body was still there then disappeared on his respawn. So I put 1 and 1 together and tried to see if it was reproducible. Turned out that 1+1 got me the answer I was looking for. Worked every time. There's 2 ways of doing it, you can watch their health meter or the kill score on the middle left of the screen. Which is how someone was able to figure out how it was done without being told. It took them 2 months of watching a video of me doing the glitch that I found but they got it and I was impressed that they figured it out where it took everyone else to be told how to do it. The only reason I remember this is because it's the first glitch I've ever found in that game on my own and without "Mao" around. Usually we would just sit in a locked room and come up with ideas with what we knew already worked and what didn't. I found my glitch on my own and was very proud of it. I still am because I accomplished what I set out to do to begin with when the game came out. Destroy mgo2. The game went from 40k players daily down to 4k. On NA servers at least. I can't say anything about EU or Japan servers since I was never on them.
  13. You're an idiot. You think that because the console is different that you can only be recorded from one and not the other? Yes, please stay on ps3. Your logic is totally foolproof.
  14. Packet injecting

    Also, if you have nothing to contribute to this thread besides trying to start shit, then stay out of it. What really is the point in trying to start shit with people over the internet? Are you really that lonely?
  15. Packet injecting

    The fuck are you going on about? Box glitch? That's not even what I was talking about to begin with. The glitch I found was accidental and completely devastating to the game. The glitch was so bad that you didn't need a lag switch of any kind to get a cheap, free extra kill. Although you could only preform that once without a lag switch. That's something I didn't know about until after it was done to me, months later after I found my glitch. Knowing that, the glitch has been in the game since it came out. I only discovered it when the last expansion pack came out. So if you can find anyone doing my glitch before me, go ahead. I bet you can't because no one knew how to do it. I didn't even tell Mao for a long while after I found it. In fact, I was stoked that redfire was one of the first people to get it recorded the day after I found it because I didn't want some lame wanna be glitcher to take credit for my glitch.