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  1. delete please

    Sorry guys, i was unable to do it for some time, but i got new IDs now and i am fully able to do it now!
  2. I'd consider downloading them fresh and clean from EA's DLC CDN.
  3. delete please

    sorry guys, i was unable to do it for some time. please message me again
  4. GTA V Online ( money )

    there u go guys http://www.unforgivengamers.com/forums/topic/15413-grand-theft-auto-v-modded-lobby/
  5. delete please

    delete please  
  6. The public mega hack should be working. Mamosa is working on the VIP update she told me, until it completes, VIP users can at least play the normal mega hack.   sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. hlp

    as i told you... i need the 2 digits in the white square as posted above (the red marked area) yours may look a little different, just look for the white square.     or just your model number (CECHXXXX)
  8. gta v online money

    i will see what i can do.   edit: just downloaded the modmenu, lets see if its working. darn, i hate ccapi.
  9. hlp

    yup well now we need your datecode. its this square at the bottom of the console
  10. Best place to Download Music?

    youtube? r u fucking serious lmao. lets say u want the full 320kbs cbr, you would need to download the 1080p video. so for a 3 minutes song that would be a ~400 mb video   the lulz.   if you know what you want keep an eye on the toplists as posted above. if you dont know but would like to listen to an electronic/dubstep/dance genre, goto 320k.in if you want to use torrents (only good for popular stuff if single, if album its okay) always keep an eye on the quality. You can sometimes find very good lossless shit there.
  11. Free coupon code for uploaded.net (filehost)

    @batreky there are uploaded premium link generators. just google for them. and beware of the scams.
  12. hlp

    flip your ps3 upside down. there is the model number starting with CECH-X and the datecode in a white square, 2 digits.   X from the model number must not be higher than 3000 Datecode must not be higher than 1B   another easier way to find out (well not easy but you can be 100% sure after that 1. download this: https://mega.co.nz/#!GZcAzYRC!tvoLgQYOlc2gtRAbWwKCHCDHKKfakouW6_pL0JyIYf8 2. extract it to a FAT32 USB Stick 3. put the stick in the right front USB of the ps3 4. boot it up, goto settings, select "system update" from external storage. 5. This will NOT do anything to your console, it will abort and display a little text. and this text is important   if the text says 3.56 or lower, you can downgrade your console. if it says 3.60 or higher, well, you cannot.
  13. terraria xboxone edition

  14. just to let you know, those uploaded link generators take the download ticket generated by a premium account. so yeah this will not circumvent any dl counters or anything, a new ticket is generated each time you take a link