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  1. Anyone have an hack for this? I need pizza. Thank u
  2. Hello I start this game and I need friend who can help me with he game and Plat together. Anyone play this game?
  3. I can't enter the game again. Tinyco yesterday say I can enter after 24h. I told them I can't enter and they reply to me "sorrry for the delay on fixing the issue, we’re doing our best to ensure that your games will not be affected again. Thank you for the continued patience!"  
  4. To me, now  are u banned? Please reply to me. I delete the game reinstall and this happen again. If I am banned I don't play this game anymore.... But sucks I was spend money too a few time ago...
  5. Me too I missed so much stuff when the hack isn't work. Hope he bring the old items back
  6. Thank u for adding me the claims 3 times. Hope u add the old items
  7. Cool Homer I have the list if a grime Knight for now. I keep to do the work of the list for the other event. Let me tell where I can send to u
  8. I can try do it. Do u need the English name of the things right?
  9. thank u cool homer for u r work! I need the old items when I don't find the hack I miss the item from Christmas to now I hope u can add me the old items soon , very appreciated that thanks for u r work
  10. [REQUEST] Family Guy 1.19 - Android

    please can anyone help us? I skip so many event in this game now...I nedd a mod with the old items
  11. Peanuts: Snoopy Town Tale

    Ok so I am not alone XD Lol