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  1.   Alternatively use the links from my website http://hacks.damar1st.de
  2.   You need an account and logged in:   http://www.hacks.damar1st.de/downloads/signed-www_v0_4201.apk   http://www.hacks.damar1st.de/downloads/signed-www_v1_4201.apk
  3. new Update: v4_20_WILDWEST Patch 2 !!! V1 should upgrade the hack automatically  Remember: do not add items which has no icon or description! Cheers
  4. Mod is fixed for Patch 1 now.     It can takes up to 12 hours after donating. Because I am sleeping for a few hours in the night. have you sent your username too ?
  5.   new Update: v4_20_WILDWEST New Mod files for Android and iOS available now on my website.  Remember: do not add items which has no icon or description! Cheers
  6.   Youll need a unzip app to extract the zip. Alternatively you should use the apks from my website
  7.   Can I get your town login details to test it on my end ? [email protected]   or try it with a re-install now.
  8. Hey guys, I know this problem and it's not causes from the apks. The problem is more difficulty. I'll need a few town logins that have this problem, to reverse it.   please send your login details to [email protected]   cheers
  9.   Thats not a bug, there are unique items. The menus are empty if you have already placed them