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  1. Hi Mamosa,

    Thanks for your work on the simpsons hack. And just one question where or how can I get more land tokens?


    Regards  and thanks 

  2. Hi, i'd like to download The Simpsons Tapped Out 4.32.0 SPRINGFIELDJOBS Hack/Mod, but in my country doesn't work. I've tried with a web proxy  (it did work in the past ) but it seems that nowadays it is not allowed. I'm ready to make a donation for the account premium but I want to be sure that you can send me the mod by a different way (not is it possible?

    Looking forward your replay.



  3. Hi Mamosa,


    I have donated already more than week a ago, can you please give me access to VIP web page?



    Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi, i send donation with this mail [email protected] please, can u gime acces vip?

  5. Mamosa,


    I do not have a jailbreak device, could you please share with me a mod which will work?


    Many thanks and kindest regards,

    1. rmdamon

      this is for the Simpsons Mega Hack

  6. Hi, I’m not jailbroken. Can I get a link that works for non jailbroken devices? Thanks. 

  7. Hi Mamosa, sorry to bother you, but I have a serious problem with the scratcher bug and cannot play the game anymore. Could you please help me in some way? Thank you thank you thank you VERY much!


    1. nomad123

      i had the same problem and i cant promise it will work for you but what i did was when  the had a text update ie a new building you could buy message, i found that i could move around my Springfield for a few minutes before the scratch card bug would load quickly go to the kiwk e mart and buy a regular scratcher f you an scratch that before the bug loads then you won't get the error message again at least that what worked for me hope that heps

  8. where is the new update?

  9. hello,


    Donuts disappear each time i quit the game, go visiting my friends' town or Krustyland.

    what must i do to keep these donuts ???

  10. Hi Mamosa,

    can you contact me on Skype ?

    [email protected]

  11. Hello Mamosa,

    PLEASE HELP me and all other people who had Scratcher bug in TSTO, at least tell us what to do.

    BTW BIG THANKS for all your great work and hacks&cheats, I'm sure there's a lot of people who wouldn't ever play this game without donuts wich we had thanks TO YOU!!!


  12. TSTO VIP 

    hi i have paid and I waiting for the link and username and Passwort to download the VIP hack. I have sending the mail with the receipt and my data’s 

    1. MinchenXXL

      Hi. I‘m waiting for the VIP file Fotograf tapped out 4.30.  I become no mail with the code‘s.  Why? 

      I sent you a email and no answer. Why ?




  13. Hey Mamosa Love your app but I also have the Simpsons tapped out scratch card bug  what do I do

  14. Hi mamosa


    I also have the Simpsons tapped out scratch card bug but it won't let me send u a message. Can u send me one so I can give u account details to see if u can clear it please

    1. nnko

      Hello Mamosa, same problem for me. I can't sent you a message with my tapped out informations.


    2. nnko

      Hello Mamosa, if there a way to send you our tapped out info to get help for fixing the scratch card bug? We can't send you PM.

      Thank you


  15. Hi Mamosa.

    I cannot send you an email re the scratchcard bug 

    Can you please help.

    1. Marreca_Moderna

      Me too