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  1. hi i have sent you an email as i have donated for the vip mod thankyou

  2. I have sent you a PM, please read it at your own convenience.

  3. lol new update (4.32.6)

  4. how i will got hack for non jail idevice?

    1. D34DBOY

      help please 


  5. Hello dm seems to be broken on this site. I need a working tsto 3.4 ipa for non jailbroken. willing to donate.

  6. Hey Mamosa, I'm having difficulty installing the second pack after the initial one....taking an incredible time to load

  7. Hey Mamosa, Your mod seems to be having connection problems. 

  8. What happened to the servers its keeps loading until bart pull the plug

  9. I donated,,,, when do I get the VIP files?????

    1. devo814

      I hope PayPal can get my money back from this scam.


    2. Rpikachu

      You have to email her

  10. hey give me please a Password vor a hack Simpsons 

  11. Hi Mamosa,

    Thanks for your work on the simpsons hack. And just one question where or how can I get more land tokens?


    Regards  and thanks 

    1. MagneticRice

      In Cleatus's farm, you can grow valentine bushes to get 5 land tokens. 

  12. Hi, i'd like to download The Simpsons Tapped Out 4.32.0 SPRINGFIELDJOBS Hack/Mod, but in my country doesn't work. I've tried with a web proxy  (it did work in the past ) but it seems that nowadays it is not allowed. I'm ready to make a donation for the account premium but I want to be sure that you can send me the mod by a different way (not is it possible?

    Looking forward your replay.



  13. Hi Mamosa,


    I have donated already more than week a ago, can you please give me access to VIP web page?



    Thanks in advance.

    1. devo814

      Did you ever get the files?

  14. Hi, i send donation with this mail [email protected] please, can u gime acces vip?