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  1. 1. On the 360 dashboard, scroll over to the "System" tab. 2. On the System tab, click "Console Settings". 3. Scroll down in console settings and click "System Info". 4. When the system info box comes up type in eg. this sequence: LT RT X Y LB RB Y LS Y Y If the code was correct, a box should come up and say, "Would you like to reset the console to the factory defaults?" If that box doesn't come up, change the bolded part to something else (LT LB RB RT LS RS Dpad-Left Dpad-UP Dpad-Right Dpad Down X Y and A can be used in that part of the code). Once the correct code is entered, just select Reset and the family settings password will be gone. Easiest or fastest way tbh is to call Microsoft and ask them what the exact reset code is for your console.     LT = Left Trigger RT = Right Trigger LB = Left Bumber RB = Right Bumber LS = Left Stick (Pushed in) RS = Right Stick (Pushed in)
  2.   Paying for a hack is no different than paying for a pirated software or game. This works both ways, because selling a hack is no different than selling a pirated software or game. Some forums and individuals offer VIP access to hacks for a fee, which is, in reality, just them trying to hide the fact that they're selling basically pirated stuff. Most likely reason why they're allowed to do this is that the local authority doesn't know or care or both. It doesn't help that in FGTQFS's case TinyCo believes that a tiny portion of those who used the hacked version will end up buying clams if nobody releases a hack. This makes the ex-hacked version users a more lucrative target for people with skills to exploit the game, because they're asking for a lot less than what greedy old TinyCo is asking. So if those people are going to pay anything, they're going to pay the hackers to get their fix. Any way you look at this, TinyCo has just shot themselves in the foot.