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  1. Still no? Ah well, I can wait patiently. I have enough doughnuts to play with for now
  2. If you're on gta most of the time

    Ugh! Forgot to mention I play on xbox 360...
  3. If you're on gta most of the time

    Are you still active? I really need some decent help for heists. Damn stupid kids that I keep getting always screwing around and not doing shit to help   I'm on Xbox 360 BTW
  4. Cartoon HD Free movies app

    If anyone is looking for an alternative, my personal choice is   It's browser based, nothing to install, works with phones, tablets, desktops, anything with a browser really and best of all, there's a fairly huge list of RETRO cartoons along with up to date cartoons (the very latest offerings from Simpsons, Family Guy etc etc)    Enjoy!
  5. Doctor Who: Legacy v3.0.3.1 APK MOD MegaMod

    Quick question: If I was to use this on Bluestacks, would the unlocked characters sync up with my legit game on my tablet? See this is one of those games I have been playing since the very beginning and really don't want to risk my account, but I do like the idea of finally being able to grab those few final characters I'm missing?
  6. I'd LOVE to see a farmville mod on my Xbox! :D
  7. Problem with TSTO

    And it's back! I don't know if it was the update or the new Oldboy hack but all is well again.   Thanks guys
  8. Problem with TSTO

      It was the first thing I did after it went missing... Ah well, maybe when the next update comes along it might put itself right...
  9. Problem with TSTO

    At all?
  10. Problem with TSTO

  11. Problem with TSTO

    Firstly if this is in the wrong place I apologise. Secondly, I have never had a problem before with the mods but the fact that this particular problem is also happening with the official apk tells me it's not the mod (obviously) but I cannot go to EA about it as they will most likely notice I've been doing some fairly heavy mod usage...   Anyway, the herbicide sprayer thingy has somehow vanished from my game. I went to move it to a different place, popped it into inventory and now it's gone... As explained previously I have also used the official apk and it is still missing, so it's not a mod problem, but it seems I've somehow managed to break something.   Any ideas, folks? So far I have: Cleared cache etc, uninstalled the mod apk, reinstalled the mod apk on bluestacks, uninstalled again, installed OFFICIAL apk, cleared cache etc again, uninstalled and re-installed official apk...   I have not mentioned which mod apk I am using as I have deduced it isn't the mod at fault.
  12. Gonna give this a whirl and see if it works...   If not, thanks for giving it a go anyway