Recommend me a ps4 racing game

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I had heaps on the ps3 but can't decide on ps4.

My favourite was nfs shift 2 on ps3 but I liked grid 2(mostly for the graphics which I thought were best for the generation), gt 6(a bit grindy but ended up sinking the most time in, felt graphics were average), nfs rivals, grid autosport, nfs carbon etc. Didn't really like f1 2013, dirt 3 (feel like I should have enjoyed it but I bored quickly) or asetto corsa I had on PC. My favourite of all time is toca race driver 3 which I had on PC.

I like arcade feel gameplay. Mostly prefer circuit racing but open world racing could be cool especially if it is fun to drive around, e.g. nfs hot pursuit was pretty cool especially the area with dramatic storm like weather. I play with a gamepad mostly and don't play online. So would be nice if there was a campaign sort of worth playing.

Really wanted nfs (the one after rivals) when it came out because the f40 looked awesome, and the world seemed like nfs carbon which was one of the cooler ones I've played. However a little turned off because the online focus, and wonder if night only will annoy me, though it didn't in nfs carbon. Also turned off with gt sports because the esports focus.

My favourite racing to watch is endurance car racing, i.e. gt endurance and supercars. Which is why I liked toca race driver 3, as pretty much all the games on ps3 don't do pit stops great and feel restricted. Those that do now seem to be ultra-sims that usually look sub standard and are hard to play.

Sorry for the rant but hopefully this means someone can help me out.

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