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  2. Thanks great job
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  4. I am here, because I am a VIP Member and I help other Users. Open your fucking site on a PC or Laptop and you will see what I mean. Gesendet von meinem MHA-L29 mit Tapatalk
  5. I did your are you a robot thing. Downloaded a app. Played it for 4 mins to complete a game and nothing. So I decided to try another app. Nothing still. Tsk tsk 
  6. Can someone please hack rollercoaster tycoon touch please
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  8. Download The Simpsons: Tapped Out 4.26.5 hack from


    #thesimpsons #thesimpsonstappedout #simpsonstappedout #tsto #tappedout #tstoer 

    1. GeneralJannes

      I have to like a video and run an app you to?

  9. There is no need to pay 5 euro every week when you can download a single app and play it for 30 seconds and you can then download the .apk files  Why even are you here, You don't even update your thread anymore 
  10. Lol, this is not for the Option to get more Donuts. This is for the VIP. People get a tool and a VIP Mod. No one must pay for them. If the people need Donuts, they can come to our Facebook Group and get this Amount of Donuts what they want for free. The survey on your Site comes when you tab one of this Buttons. Its open a site, where you need to put in your phone number and then you pay 5 euro every week. And don't say bitch to me. You don't know me. Gesendet von meinem MHA-L29 mit Tapatalk Rosicky also sell his Mod. Why you don't say anything about him? Gesendet von meinem MHA-L29 mit Tapatalk
  11. That's what I mean. You wan't people to pay to get an option to get more donuts than just 10 with a single click. And then you bitch when there is a survey?
  12. What? You want that we make a VIP Hack with the Option if 100000 Donuts per Click? Why? We don't need them. For our Users it is OK that we have 50000. Gesendet von meinem MHA-L29 mit Tapatalk
  13. So you make a VIP hack that has an option to get 100K donuts with a single click.
  14. Because we don't need 100000 Donuts with one klick. And yes, you only need to install 1 App to get this Mod, but when i want install a hack, I must pay for a Abo. So I pay every week 5 Euro, when I don't know this. Gesendet von meinem MHA-L29 mit Tapatalk
  15. I can only laugh Worked just fine for me when i downloaded it with my phone, only needed to install 1 app.  Also if this is a copy of damarists hack then why can you get over 100k donuts with a single click and only 10 with damarists
  16. Damarist dont copied the code from this Hack.  This Hack is copied from Damarists Hack. pay forward to rosicky for this hack or do what you want you scammer. 
  17. i'm aware of that, you said before and others have also. Still, some deem it worth the risk.   Really...
  18. If you add land that is not in the game it will broke it when EA adds more land, also damar1st copied the source code from this hack, as this hack is damar1st's "vip" hack.
  19. Hi, I'm looking for a hack for Zoo Craft. That's the link for the Google Play Download. I've looked every where I can and can't seem to find a working MOD. If someone could please help.    Thank you! 
  20. the answer is no. No new land.   Worse still, it seems way too similar to the Damar1st hack in terms of layout, even the info boxes when you load the game. Only some words and icons changed.
  21. i'll find out.   The other poster is right about the surveys though. LOOOOOADS.
  22. Hi all.   I dont know if anyone has seen the new Pokemon Go style game, in which you find virtual "parcels" out and about, with the chance to win real world prizes and money! I can confirm that you CAN win said prizes and money. Albeit I have won like 5 nowtv passes, I have also won like £15 in cash! I was wondering if there was any way of locating the "golden" parcels that contain the cash?? Just like the pokemon go trackers that were about. Thinking lets try get this done while the game is new!   regards
  23. Won't connect to server, can you fix please???!?! It worked for my bro last week THANKS SOOO MUCH!!!!!!
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