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  1. [Introduction] Hello!!

      Yeah man awesome here aswell!! Hope I can contribute for the forum again! Loving the activity dude!! I've said it but i'll say it again, great job Branny.
  2. [Introduction] Hello!!

    !Indeed mate. Too long I might say!   Awesome man! Got into University   How about you? Still loving your (ours!) dear forum aren't you   How's life, brother?
  3. So.... Hi there, I'm new here (you might say)...   Loving the forum Branny, amazing work! Hope the website keeps the same spirit as old school days! Sorry for my absense... But life, you know? See you around fellas   Peggy 
  4. Secsay. Probably playable too?
  5. MGS V Gameplay Demo at KojimaPro Studios LA next Week

    Exactly. Took the words out of my keyboard.
  6. MGS V Gameplay Demo at KojimaPro Studios LA next Week

    Oh please. And who the fuck is that?
  7. MGS V Gameplay Demo at KojimaPro Studios LA next Week

    LA Studios? Maybe some MGO gameplay or teaser, hopefully.
  8. Playstation 4 - Release Date Confirmed!

    Finally lol. Like the red controller. Hoping for mgs5 on ps3.
  9. Upgrade your Retail PS3 games to Digital PS4 Games!

    Sounds cheap of them making us pay again for something we already bought before to begin with. Dislike it.
  10. GTA V: New Screenshots from Los Santos

    Ok is it just me or the band in the dude's shirt on the first pic is that one you need to rescue n GTA Vice City with Tommy? OMG maybe the stories meet in between! I'm pretty sure that's the band you save or kill on a mission with a limousine, I just can't remember what you were supposed to do but it's them!!!
  11. OPERATION UFG ($20)

    Bring old forum names Bring all forum names Bring old forum memes Bring all forum memes Bring old forum codes Bring all forum codes Crack old forum codes Crack all forum codes I love guessing games
  12. Had to be a fucking xbox event lol. We should form a CoD team! i mean 1 million fucking euros? We'd buy the xbox and playstation websites and redirect them here ahahah
  13. MUST BUY!! My ps3 broke though
  14. How to sell a vacation on EBAY (Lol)

    Omg, i'd fu... buy that