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  1. Hello,   i downloaded with a pc, used with bluestack and all works fine, thanks Mamosa   i found 3 tourists, they are in regular game or not ?
  2. Hello,   thanks Mamosa, all works fine, except Memu and Bluestack for me, Memu crashes when i launch the game, Bluestack often crash, sometimes not, i don't know why, for those who are searching the new items are here :  
  3. Hello,   these new items are (or will be) available with this mod ?  
  4. Hello,   i tried yesterday, i can't install this mod, update needed
  5. Hello,   be careful with additional stripes of land, i often read on this website that it may cause bugs, so juste take the stripes of land which are in regular game.
  6. Hello,   can some one help me ? we i go on "new feed" menu, then "Content i follow" i have this : Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX3 Contact Us   i clicked on "contact us" 2 weeks ago and a second time last week to send a message but no answer
  7. Salut,   le lien de téléchargement est en 1ère page.   download link is on the first page
  8. Hi Ogbrandon,   that was your last mod, thanks a lot for all what you've done for us i wish you the best for the future
  9. Hi,   be careful of the small bush or grass which can be on the sand and block when you want to put something