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  1. Marvel Puzzle Quest hack request

    if you root your device you not ganna lose any game (except if one of those games detect rooted device  like sumoners warrs)   and yes if you start to use freedom the game gonna kick you out  of any aliance and yore not gonna be able to create or join to any   but you cant ge lots of gold (some times i buy more the 100 k or iso lol) and they not gonna ban u even if they know (i send a ticket asking why i was not able to join to any aliance , and they toldme "your acount was flaged for using thiird part app ) but they dosnt baned me and that was almost a year ago and im still playing XD
  2. Marvel Puzzle Quest hack request

    but if you can use freedom yo have every thing  , gold cant be hacked cause is server side iv e playing for 2 years almost only using freedom and ai got almost all units , and covers