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  1. Yea but that is a big red flag getting unlimited clams. 
  2. UnforgivenGamers

    The mod is great if u can get in lol. I've let it load forever and I can't connect to server. 
  3. I can't get in.  Let it load for almost an hour and can't connect to server. Ridiculous 
  4. Try for clearing that up. I was wondering what was going on Lol. I've been using my donuts for the game.  Nothing was free and nothing in the menu like there usually is. 
  5. Still can't get in. Just keeps loading then get a can't connect to server. I even Uninstaller and reinstalled and still won't work. 
  6. Is anyone else having problems with the game loading? Donut just spins and game never starts. 
  7. Did you go to damarist site? And did u download both apks v0 and v1? Download v0 then install it and open it and let it update then when u get to game close it out and download v1 then install that then let that update then when it's finished you can play. 
  8. Is anyone else stuck on make Homer go to the big game? It let me send his friends but when I go to send Homer I don't have a task in his task list to send him. Is it not ready yet or something or am I missing a building or something?
  9. Damarst site will not let me log in keep getting some message. The e-mail could not be sent. Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function.  I've emailed him a week ago and he hasn't answered me. Can anyone help?
  10. The givers on reddit want people to kiss their ass. I ain't down with that. I'd rather pay for clams. I don't kiss nobodies ass
  11. Why does this hack cost donuts now? It's not free to do quest anymore or to buy things.