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  1. Demong Hunter 2 v1.2.9 Mod Apk Money

    works very good on bluestacks. very nice job
  2. Demong Hunter 2 v1.2.9 Mod Apk Money

    cool I will give this a try on bluestacks.
  3. [Request] Final Clash

    is there a mod or hack for this game. I really like to know if there is and can someone post it. if not can someone make a mod for it please and thank you.
  4. REQUEST: Turtles Legends

    you can use lucky patcher it worked for me and I made a video here --> but your phone need to be rooted to use lucky patcher or you can get bluestacks 2.
  5. REQUEST- Mod for Dragon Soul

    yea that would be nice to have.
  6. old characters, costumes have the status of VIP,could help

    1. gibby44820

      what do you mean?

  7. старые персонажи, костюмы имеют статус VIP,может помочь

  8. I payed for it and it works very good and very fast also.
  9. need a apk mod

    can someone mod or hack the pirate power V 1.2.060 for me please and thank you if you can
  10. works very good for bluestacks 2
  11. I will give this mod a go and see if it works
  12. there 2 quest I can not do now. can someone help me out with it. 1 is called collect 3 bronze keys and have slasher bait peter be brutally murdered and I try and try. I can't get no keys and the slasher bait peter do not show up plz help me.
  13. Request: Dragon City or DragonVale

    yes the dragon city mod would be nice
  14. Disney Magic Kingdoms

    yea it would be nice to have
  15. Farmdale 1.7.0 APK Mod [Free Shopping]

    i try it and the coins go down but if you have 700 and get a item that cost 1,000 it go down to zero. but you still get the item. and same with the gem or crystal or what ever there are. it works fine for me on bluestacks 2