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  1. Dont use the desktop version when visiting with a phone. Also there is nothing I can do.
  2. Use the mobile version and you will get an option to install an app.  You are clearly just trying to make this thread look bad.   Also there is a video showing you how to do it.     
  3. So you can get a malware by downloading an app from google play store?  dont think so.
  4. Obviously clueless. You only need to download one app and play it for 30 seconds.
  5. That is why you don't use a hack to add more land, it will ruin your game.
  6. What are you saying? I am just promoting this hack because its better than yours. 
  7. Oh sorry about that.  Keep checking the website, they should update it soon.
  8. Zip says 4.26.5 still? N still get cant connect server?

  9. The download link wont show or unlock after downloading apps any chance u can put as a new link?