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  1. actually it does work!!! instead of decreasing the money increases when spending. So, rush items to get the diamond to increase. 
  2. Spongebob Moves In v4.31.00 APK MOD Unlimited Money

    thanks for upload, works great.
  3. does this hack have the Springfield Hieghts items in it? As well as, this one, wont give me that negative amount of money correct? thanks.
  4. Request

  5. Request

    Anyone know of a mod for the game Episode? Or know where to find one? Thanks. 
  6. reloaded and same message "An error while retrieving expansion file." Its okay. 
  7. I never have to. A internet browsers pops up and asked me to log into my FB account. Never once had to disable my FB app. 
  8. Minions Paradise v3.0.1.648 APK and DATA

    thanks for the help. 
  9. Minions Paradise v3.0.1.648 APK and DATA

    run on android and have a FB connection. Since this way the game can be log in on different devices. 
  10. Minions Paradise v3.0.1.648 APK and DATA

    will you be offering to mod FB account game?
  11. Update: can download but can't play. Getting fail to download extention package.
  12. Setting Up New Cell.

  13. Lara Croft Relic Run v1.0.46 APK MOD Money Mod

    if I already have my own data, can I use the Apk alone? Also am I able to log into FB? Thanks for your help.
  14. you have to install the APK first. Dont run the app, just click Done. Then install the OBB file in OBB on your phone.