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  1. Thats his site. How is that doing "fine"??? Explain to me how that is fine.
  2. wtf?   Oh and link in the first post doesn't work. I click free on the site and it doesn't do anything. No download shows up, it asks for a premium account. Wtf is this about?
  3. I can also confirm that the donuts do not stay, went to KL and back. I even visited a neighbor and came back, donuts still not there after being added. The mod it self works fine though. It's just the donuts being added that doesn't actually add them permanently. But I guess in a way you almost don't need to if your using the mod since most everything seems free on it for the most part.
  4. ya server for his mod is dead. All we can do is hope he can get it working again.   Oh wait...his second apk says "fixed" on it may work again. I'm gonna test it
  5. The hack worked for about 4 or 5 hours and then all of a sudden the server died on me. The mod no longer works. Not sure why.....
  6. No one has uploaded and released the hack yet? I guess I continue to wait.
  7. I meant if its the Global version or the actual US release. Global is the EUR version.   OH and this is outdated big time.....