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  1. I tried with my pc but it is the same. seems to be banned, at least in Italy, and Zippyshare says "file do not exist on this server"... Help!!!
  2. If I click on "download" the page doesn' t exist. If I click on "mirror" Zippyshare opens but there is nothing upload... I' m in Italy and I use a Samsung tablet.
  3. There is an update but when I try to download it, it get stuck between the update 14and 15....
  4. The v0 works perfectly, on android tablet,  but when I installed the v1 it doesn' t works... am I the only one?
  5. I'm in Italy, I downloaded the mod from Damart1st' s site and it works great. Thanks!!
  6. It still doesn' t work to me, I downloaded from zippyshare v0 and v1 again but v1 don' t update and the Bart screen appears. Maybe because on zippyshare v0 and v1 are always the same uploaded the 20th of april so I continue to install the same app before the patch was released?