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  1. I'm tired of getting ls in survival..do i need to go premium on here to get a tutorial?
  2. Ok kind sir. If i need someone for tbt or srvl..can i add you?.
  3. you so mean lol. Would you like to join my clan or can you get me in a clan?.
  4. True but..would You Save Me a Spot? & You the Leader?. If You find Who Is please Tell Them to Join Me.
  5. Ok..can You Reserve a Spot for Me in Your Clan? & You Know a Lser that's going to Play Ps3?.
  6. Why No?. What if I give You TPP?.
  7. Will You Teach Me how to Ls when I get a Ps4? & You don't have Ps3 anymore?.
  8. You already got a Clan?. You used to Ls?.
  9. So..You Think They'll Continue After MGS4?. & You Playing MGO on Ps3?.
  10. Will There Be a MGS Made by Somebody else?.
  11. No Requirement's just Be Honest,Social,Responsible,Reliable,Loyal,Smart & Faithful. Clan Is for Ps3 for a While then for Ps4 when I get 1 Inbox Me Your PSN if Interested.
  12. You Playing on Ps3?.