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  1. Kid i'm sorry but you don't know anything about coding. You have resourced a cpa template online and i'm 99.9% it was a clash of clans template and you just added a wallpaper to the image header... Also letting you know for next time you can call a sub directory maddenmobile then upload the files of unless wordpress is to hardcore for your understanding. 
  2. For those who are having trouble downloading the modded apk's try downloading them on a computer as your internet connection is probably not the brightest 
  3. What is a DoS / DDoS Attack?

    If the attacker knows what there doing it can only take a dos attack to take down your connection or a websites server. Most of the attackers use paid services and the services normally buy there servers from collocation hosting solutions. Alot of people use to purchase their dedicated servers from but they cracked down on the attacks and bandwidth using and started to limited the output connections.    What is a dos attack?: A dos attack is one server/connection/person sending the attack to disconnect his/her targets offline with out any other person joining in on the fun do hit the person/server offline with more power.   What is a ddos attack?: a ddos attack is two or more servers/connections/persons sending a mass attack at the same time to better their odds in succeeding tin their goal of hitting their target offline server/person    *DDoS Attacks have always been used its just that after sony went down more people found out about these kinds of methods and starting pinging people in cmd to down a target...  infected with dark comment rat.
  4. A new update came out today correct? He probaly hasn't updated his servrs yet... Things dont move idle do they? And im geting it to so your not alone if his not updating, His vps/dedi probaly has been ddos'd if it is sharing ips
  5. need help on a facebook game

    You have an *anonymous picture with a manycam water mark (implying you are anon) but yet you are trying to infect your self... any logical person that has botnets or rats, slaves knows that the easiest method is to spread over youtube have have a 100% fud stub meaning no anti's would detect it as a threat as most inject fake lines of code. While also injecting itself adding fake apis and other shuz to make the file fud So if you dp actully find a legit looking one kid download the file on a vm then upload it to http://refud.meand it will scan it for you with like 30 diffrent avs Good luck
  6. [*Android*] The Simpsons: Tapped Out 4.17.2 THOH 2015 [*Donuts*Cash*Tickets*Old Items*]

    I think this is teamtsto's preium hack as i donated to the website a few weeks ago just to see if it was any good or not but its the exzact same with the elbarto icon and all...