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  1. The Extreme Green Solutions

    I love when I hear of some of the ideas people have to save the earth. It reminds me of a scene in the movie Brewster's Millions, where a man is pitching Richard Pryor an idea to put engines in huge icebergs and drive them to the Middle East to cut down on the price of ice water. I love that scene now more than ever, because art has become the reality. To get an idea of what I mean, one idea on the table requires the use of jumbo jets and military artillery to shoot one million metric tons of microparticles into the stratosphere. This brainchild is supposed to reflect some of the sunlight entering our atmosphere, thus reducing the effects of global warming. Now get me if I'm wrong, but I thought going green was about reducing the amount of trash we put in our air. Likewise, another brainchild is the suggestion we send sixty thousand shiny spacecrafts into space and put them into orbit. This will result in the reflection of sunlight just the same as the microparticles mentioned earlier. If put into action, it will only cost about one hundred billion dollars a year and thus mark the Universe's largest salvage yard. I'm not sure we were going for that record, but we would definitely have a few extra parts if Han Solo should come flying through. Environmental Organisations in Chennai The most hilarious suggestion of all pertains to the amount of methane production in cattle flatulence, which one cow fart has about the same amount of greenhouse emissions as a long country drive in a gas guzzling hog. So, a reasonable idea was offered to start influencing farmers to put more garlic in their cow's diet. I'd go for that. With my beef pre-seasoned, who wouldn't? But, some other brainchild came up with an even better idea. If we made every cow carry around its own fart tank, we could greatly reduce methane emissions which are right up there with carbon dioxide. The tank is attached with a tube through the cow's stomach so that the methane goes right into the tank. Then, what do they do at the end of the day? Is there a storage idea for the gas or a use some mad scientist might have?
  2. Sizzling Mediterranean Style

    In a privileged position on the northeastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula and the exquisite shores of the Mediterranean (in the very north of the Spanish coast), Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain (in both size and population). Way more than just a single city, Barcelona is a metropolis - one that's amazing in its assemblage of multi-faceted and diverse areas. After an extreme makeover that's lasted more than two decades, Barcelona has transformed itself into one of the most dynamic and stylish cities in the world. Those who visit it and are unfamiliar with its history, may be surprised to learn that such a modern and cosmopolitan area even preserves its historic center almost intact. For those reasons (and, according to every poll worth its clipboard), you'll be glad to know that Barcelona is also the one European city best loved by visitors; and to the current generation of cultural dilettantes and frequent jetSetters, it's nearly impossible to imagine that it ever wasn't! Summer in Barcelona is serious party-time - with week-long fiestas (yes, we did say week l-o-n-g!). But year-round, the city still pulsates and sizzles - always on the very edge of architecture, food, fashion, style and music. And, to top it off: Barcelona is only a short ferry ride from the beautiful island of Ibiza, another destination where partygoers have been raving to the best DJs in the world for decades. We, at journeyPod strongly recommend a trip to Ibiza if you're a nightowl and on the prowl for some excitement. Once you embark on Barcelona, the buildings - especially the work of the eccentric genius Gaudi - will blow you away! The art - with impressive collections by Picasso and Miro - will make you forget where you (who you're with, what you're doing...). And, the people - with their passion, exuberance, spirit, and persistent egalitarianism, will completely fascinate you. Ferry Booking in Andaman For all you foodies out there, Barcelona is a powerhouse of culinary fares that draws foodies from the States, Japan and Australia to check out what's cookin. There has been a rash of new and amazing dining options, among them are those we've listed below. So, no matter what your budget or belly size, you're sure to find something to suit your craving - everything from tiny tapas to gargantuan feasts. Also, while you're here - make sure you check out at least one of the many Museos de Jamon (Ham museums). Yes, its true: a museum dedicated to the different types of Ham found in Spain.  
  3. Causes of Osteoporosis

    It is a known fact that more bone is laid down more P90X3  than it is removed in the early life of a person. An individual's peak bone mass is reached at the age of thirty, wherein the remodeling process starts, that takes away more bone than is replaced. Remodeling is the process involving the laying down of new bone and the removing of old bone. So it can be said that the process of bone loss begins in the early to late thirties. It is from this age to the onset of menopause that women lose a certain amount of bone every year. The average rate of bone loss in men, and in women who have not reached menopause, is actually quite small. However, after menopause, the bone loss in women accelerates to an average of one to two percent a year. It is after menopause that the level of the female hormone estrogen in a woman's body decreases sharply. Estrogen is a hormone that is important in protecting the skeleton by helping the body's bone forming cells to keep working. So after menopause, this protection can be considered lost as the level of estrogen decreases. Other causes of osteoporosis are heredity and lifestyle. Whites and Asians, tall and thin women and those with a history of osteoporosis are those at the highest risk of getting osteoporosis. The behavioral causes of increasing the risk of osteoporosis are smoking, alcohol abuse, prolonged inactivity and a diet low in calcium. There are also some diseases that are associated with aging that cause osteoporosis, which include kidney failure, liver disease, cancers, Paget's disease, endocrine or glandular diseases, gonadal failure and rheumatoid arthritis. There are some medications like steroids, seizure drugs, thyroid hormone and blood thinners that are also found to cause osteoporosis.  
  4. The Great Walks around Cairns

    Today's people are staying active. They care about their fitness and will work for it. Fighting a winning battle for a healthy life doesn't stop at home, though. It is also important to stay fit on the road. For those who want to spend their leisure time traveling, these are the best walking tracks you can find on your visit to Cairns. These great walks offer visitors a range of experiences, from short, easy strolls of a couple of hours to full-day walks. This mix ensures that people of all ages and abilities have the opportunity to explore and enjoy the parks and rainforests in Cairns.The Flecker Botanical Gardens are a tropical oasis only 5km from the heart of the city. 38 hectares of native Australian gardens are maintained to lush standards, and many plants found here cannot be seen anywhere else.Created in 1886, many of the large plants and trees are originally from the site. Next to the Botanical Garden is another wilderness parkland called Centenary Lakes. This area has a long boardwalk that meanders through tropical rainforest and mangroves. It ends (or starts, depending on which end you begin your walk from) at a freshwater lake surrounded by a grassy park. This is a fantastic place for a picnic lunch.The extensive selection of tropical flora includes some rare plants seldom found elsewhere in the world. These include exotic species of palms, gingers and aroids. Cab Services in Port Blair A tropical flower known as Amorphophallus Titanum lives at the park which weighs up to 70kgs with a single leaf almost 7 meters across. The plant is only one of two found in Australia.  Walking through the botanical garden is easy for all ages. Visitors are advised to apply insect repellent before visiting.The 1.3 km Red Arrow circuit is one of a pair of tracks leading up the Mt. Whitfield Conservation Park few kilometers north of the city. A parking area on Collins Avenue next to the Botanical Gardens is the start of the track. The hike takes approximately 40 minutes to one hour to complete, has fantastic views of the natural environment, it's used regularly by locals and can be walked or run no matter what your fitness level is, the Red Arrow is the track of choice. The high number of steps along the path is superb exercise for your legs.Approximately halfway up the Red Arrow Walk, the track splits into two and forms The Blue Arrow walk. This steep climb ascends the mountain to a height of 365 metres above sea level. It is 5.4 km long, and is solid workout for those who are fit. The track contains plenty of lookouts and rest areas along the way. The mountain is predominantly rainforest with patches of eucalyptus, grasslands, and tall bamboo. At the top of the Red Arrow walk is a spectacular view of the Cairns International Airport, take a refresh and watch a few planes fly in or just gaze over Coral Sea and Cairns city. This track is excellent for photographers looking to shoot a wonderful sunrise or sunset. It is not recommended doing the Blue Arrow track unless there is plenty of light for your return. The walk is exhausting so make sure plenty of water is taken.  
  5. A Solution For Sweaty Palms

    disfuncion erectil remedios From time to time, everyone has clammy hands. It can be due to nerves or just because it is way too hot outside. However, it passes for a lot of people but some people have sweaty palms every single day and not just a few episodes throughout the day. Some people live life with constant sweaty hands. This sweat can really interfere with their lives as well. If you have sweaty palms, then you know how hard life can be.When your hands sweat profusely throughout the day, you never get a chance to see what life is like without having these clammy hands. Constantly you are worried about having to shake hands with someone new. Also, your dating life is affected because you don't want your date to notice how bad your hands sweat. It is time you found a solution for sweaty palms. It is time that you lived your life with confidence. A great remedy is to apply an odorless antiperspirant to your hands before you go out to take on your day. This will control the sweat coming off of your hands so you can have some confidence throughout your day. Feel free to carry it with you so you can apply it as needed. Another solution for sweaty palms is to take a class such as yoga. This will help you to control your nerves so you won't sweat as much. Using these two solutions together will help you to get over your clammy hands problem, slowly but surely.    
  6. That First Step's A Tough One

    Click 4 Surveys I cannot imagine a deeper depression. The pain was so deep, but the depression so immense that I did not even have the energy to identify where the hurt originated. It was August of 2011 at this point, and the summer heat was brutal. I was maybe three weeks out of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and my life was an absolute mess. I had recently missed my daughter's second birthday and the birth of my nephew in an isolated and drunken stooper. I spent that evening in a shivering, shaking, and crying ball of pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization. I spent most of the night with a gun in my hand and alternating it's placement between my temple and the back of my throat. It truly seemed to be the only logical solution, as there was no other way out. I had an opportunity to redeem myself for my son's birthday a few weeks later, but it was scarcely different. I wasn't drunk, but I wasn't in attendance either. I had checked myself into a mental institute to get help for my problem. I was unavailable for him. I had been unavailable for both of my children throughout their lives because of my addiction, but I refused to see this, and I certainly didn't want to hear about it from you or anybody else. I had not necessarily checked into rehab because I wanted to be there, as much as I just wanted to be somewhere other than where I was at the time. I have placed myself in some pretty crappy situations in my life, but none more-so than this. I was in a pickle. Something had to give. The gig was up. There were no more options, excuses, or energy reserves to try and rise from the ashes. There were, seemingly, only ashes. Upon leaving treatment, my dad and step-mom graciously took me in and allowed me to begin the hellaciously long, slow, and difficult process of recovery. My days were spent in therapy, 12-step meetings, and bed... there was nothing else. Divorce looming, parental performance abysmal, 3 packs a day, waking up at noon, crying a half a dozen times each morning, afternoon, and evening, along with a newly formed habit of eating chocolate cake (and whatever else I could cram down my pie spout) in the middle of the night. Needless to say, I was not on a winning streak. I was down, but not... well, I was very, very down. There were glimpses of energy, but fleeting and vastly spackled. For each good morning was followed by 3 or 4 bad days of bedridden depression. I truly wanted to make changes, and I wanted to get out of bed, but there just didn't seem to be that option. I honestly felt like I was tethered to the sheets. There is no darker hole.  
  7. Is Your Mac Slow

    Click 4 Surveys The Mac may be a lot better than a PC, but just like anything else in this world, it is still far from perfect. You should therefore understand that sooner or later your Mac WILL begin to slow down until it finally runs itself into the ground. The good news is that there are several ways for you to get your Mac up and running again, and perhaps the best option is to perform a thorough Mac cleanup. You can clean your Mac by following these steps: Have you noticed that a lot of applications automatically start running as soon as you start your Mac? These are known as startup applications and they usually take up too much space, thus slowing down your Mac. That is why limiting the number of applications in the startup list is an essential part of a thorough Mac cleanup. You can streamline your startup applications by going to System Preferences, clicking on the Accounts button and then the Login Items tab.When you see the list of all applications that automatically run at startup, you'll have to decide which ones you really need and then remove the rest of the applications from the list. Having fewer startup items will greatly help in speeding up your Mac.