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  1. Ask for a hack

    Clash of Kings please????   <3
  2. free steam games!!!

    Fill out Surveys??? Link it to Twitter/Facebook to Earn Points??? FAKE!!!!
  3. not worth it if we have to fill out some crap survey and storied of infection.... if i was a mod i'd bann this @$$
  4. Fake site has surveys can we ban ppl like this? reported
  5. doesn't seam to work... at all
  6. no download linbk.. just goes to another forum with NO LINKS  
  7. how can i watch to see where i go and what i catch?    
  8. Pokemon Go

  9. Pokemon Go Bot | PokeAuto v1.1

    Works so far for me
  10. this download is bogus i went to the site i registered and it wants a donate... should be free and donates should be compulsory to the user ans not required by you
  11. and then your account is hacked and your banned  yeah no thanks