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  1. I'm requesting a Fire Emblem Heroes mod for more XP earned for faster leveling or unlimited orbs.
  2. Ask for a hack

    A hack for Pokémon Go would be awesome. Especially for the coins.
  3. UNO and FRIENDS v2.7.0q APK MOD Coins Tickets

    It's still not working 
  4. Did you ever tell him thank you for all the times before when he did the hacks? He doesn't owe anybody a reason or anything! Ungrateful assholes!
  5.   Stile doesn't have to do anything. He has a life outside of this site and if he decided he was done with the site then he's done. I am sick of people who feel that he owes people a explanation or something. There are people on here that respect his decision no matter what and that are thankful for everything he's done but then there are ungrateful people who think that he owes everyone something.
  6. Hey Stile The Movie Prop Shack where you create the holy water balloons the Finish All isn't free. Thanks for everything you do.
  7. It's even down on the vanilla version so it's not the mod.
  8. Ok I sent you a message with my game ID and thanks Stile
  9. After all the characters got locked I've started unlocking them one by one and doing the quests. Some quest I can't finish and I can't unlock Olivia at all. Any ideas? Also when Chris does the hula hoop and part of the quest it doesn't complete it.
  10. Clash of Clans (Hypothetical Question)

    No unfortunately there isn't