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  1. Cleaning a computers files

    My computers still decently new about a year old or so, but lately it's been running very slow. I'v tried deleting useless files on it and i'v even factory restored it but it still runs slow. Is there anything else I can do to possibly clean the pc out and make it fast again?  Also if there are any free anti malware and virus programs I could install to help clean the computer clean that would also be much appreciated. Thanks in advance! 
  2. Personally since I mainly use the infiltrator class, with the decreased health and stamina its quite a bummer. The stealth camo being disabled when your shot isnt a problem really.    If you are unaware of the update and changes, visit Here for the full list of changes.
  3. LF a good team to play with.

    Just sent you an add
  4. I play a few times a week just lookin for a few people preferably with mics to communicate and play with. If u dont have a mic no sweat just looking for people to play with rather than randoms.
  5. Deathloop

    Mgo has always been easy to lag on. Its not much of a challange to find ways to lag. 
  6. Ever played the Kingdom Hearts series?  Fallout is pretty good too. Farcry as well.
  7. Deathloop

    Ill be getting a new pc here soon. If youre still lookin for help finding glitches im your man. Although i play legit until someone else glitches.
  8. Ok i am currently going through Time Warner Cable and i pay for there fastest internet package. (50MBs)   Iv noticed playing games online a lot of them are laggy so i checked my upload and download speeds on both systems. The highest iv ever seen my download and upload speeds is about 14MBs. Both systems are on a wired connection. Only 2 smartphones nd 2 game systems are logged in on my wi-fi. I have restarted my modem countless times yet nothing brings my speeds higher. Is there anything i can do to boost my speeds? Or do i need to contact TWC and have them look into the situation?    So iv done some searching and found that my modem may be the issue. I've found many people posting about connection issues with the same mode. im using. If my modem is infact the issue ill buy a new one. What modems are good for gaming with high speeds? Money wont be an issue. And im not sure if matters but the modem i have now doesnt need a router so if i buy a new modem id like to not need a router with it.
  9. Can you only ascend 3 times until u cap level?
  10. Does anyone else think it would be a nice idea to add a notification to say when a friend signs on or signs off? I'm sure to some people that would get annoying if you have so many friends..   
  11. I thought it only auto saved.. 
  12. Help jailbreaking my ps3

    Thats alright. I figured if i could jailbreak mine it would save me some money. Ill find one to buy