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  1. Cleaning a computers files

    My computers still decently new about a year old or so, but lately it's been running very slow. I'v tried deleting useless files on it and i'v even factory restored it but it still runs slow. Is there anything else I can do to possibly clean the pc out and make it fast again?  Also if there are any free anti malware and virus programs I could install to help clean the computer clean that would also be much appreciated. Thanks in advance! 
  2. free steam games!!

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  3. need help

    ok i have windows 10 on my computer and ever since i have it on here my computer been going real slow. can someone tell me what the best way to make my computer run better. also when i try to play videos on youtube or crackle it play for a little them my speakers will make a funny sound like its trying to freeze on me. can someone plz help me. plz and ty