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  1. free steam games!!!

    real free steam games! check it out
  2. Helloo.   Anyone know any mods or hacks to get clams and money that works at the moment, ones I've tried says the game needs a update... or anyone who adds money/clams to your account free? I have messaged people but it seems they haven't been on recently!!   Thanks  
  3. free steam games!!

    real free steam games! check it out
  4. There is an extremely easy glitch in the latest Need for Speed game which allows you to collect unlimited cash.   Note: You need the deluxe edition in order to use this glitch!     Here's how it works:   1) Start the game and sell all the special deluxe edition parts in your garage. 2) Close the game and restart it 3) The parts will be back and you can sell them again   4) Repeat until you have $175,000.   5) Buy the McLaren (3rd card from the right) 6) Sell it   7) Repeat steps 5 and 6 forever.     The deluxe edition earns you a special discount, which makes the McLaren cheaper than the price you can sell it for.     Enjoy. Tested on PlayStation 4.     Video Tut:        
  5. Im looking for working Rail Nation Trainer. I can't find anything on the internet which isn't fake.
  6. Skyrim?

    Anyone out there play Skyrim? If you're on my psn list you can see I've been playing the shit out of it for a few weeks. I'm modding games on my PC and turning them into a PS3 save file. So this is what I choose to do in my spare time, I know. Lol. So does anyone play skyrim anymore?
  7. Bypass updated as of July 20th
  8. survey bypasser

    Hello guys I have stumbled across something great , I have been talking to a guy from Portugal who has been helping me on a project on net beans via teamviewer he has been working on a programme to bypass surveys for well over a year I have seen my fair share of programmes that claim to do so and we all know if we are on chrome we can edit the line of code and remove the survey however this way only removes the box and you still can't click on download ... Now this guy showed me his programme through team viewer and it works for most surveys it allows you to unlock survey without filling it out , as far as he has told me it is programmed to gen random details at the click of a button . the ui is horrible but very user friendly bassicly you start up the programme and then click on the link for one of the surveys, the webpage does not change but the programme has a loading bar on it it registers when the link has been clicked and auto accesses the survey via the programme fills in all the details and no thanks any offers . once the loading bar has got to the end ( your talking a min) the please fill in a short survey page dissapears and the file can be downloaded .. This works on roughly 8 of these survey pages so far but he is planning on releasing the file in 2 months and has given me permission to post the link on here , the link will be to zippyshare so easy downloading .. Internet explorer users will need to disable firewall when using programme or it will not work .. Everyone else is fine . I look forward to bringing everyone the link. I do not take any credit for this programme and a video tutorial will be posted on YouTube and provided with download link cheers .... FR
  9. Yup I am a lucky girl I have the Upcoming New Windows 10 operating system on a flash drive..  My computer is a piece of Crap & after 24 hrs of trying to install and open It wouldn't due to a virus that is getting blocked from my Sophos. so I just kept it on a flash drive..
  10. So, Let's start by saying hello everyone.                                                                                                                                                                                                 So what is SUN? Sun Stands for Souls of the ultimate nation. How good is Souls of the ultimate nation I have been playing it for about 4 years. infact i started to play it more after mgo got shut down. and i wont lie when i say the game is Great   Do you have a Video or something to proof to us that's its a Great Pc Game? only video i have is the CTF videos or GVG videos (For those who don't understand  CTF Stands for Capture The Flag, GVG stands for Guild Vs Guild.) Links are here for you guys to watch  The First Link CTF Mode   Second Link  Guild Vs Guild this video is a year old i think but it gives you the GVG idea Where do i Register ? Where do i download the game once i Register New Version Client   If you have any Question's about the game please message me Also thanks to Brandon for allowing me to post this happy New years UFG miss you guys and no i'm not dead yet Yes i think i post this in the PC Gaming part idk if it's the right place...